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Your donation will improve lives and strengthen communities in Southeast Dallas through Jubilee Park

How Your Donation Will Go the “Extra Mile”

When you donate to Jubilee Park & Community Center, you are helping spark real and lasting change in Southeast Dallas. The Jubilee Park area is a Medically Underserved Area (MUA) and a food desert–this means the neighborhood has few primary care providers, a high elderly population, high poverty and limited access to grocery stores.

Your donation helps Jubilee fill in that gap today as a hub for much-needed resources and services. A gift to Jubilee goes the extra mile by fueling long-term, holistic solutions to break the cycle of poverty. Jubilee Park residents work alongside staff and volunteers to drive community revitalization efforts and programs across 5 Key Pillars of Impact: Safety, Health, Housing, Education/Workforce and Opportunity. From after school programs to senior meals to pop-up clinics and more, we need your support to make our neighbors’ dreams a reality!


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The Jubilee Park community was once a robust, working class neighborhood. Then a major highway was built right through its heart, and a nearby factory (where most people worked) closed its doors. For 30 years, people struggled to keep their 62-block neighborhood safe But in 1997, a new opportunity rekindled the hopeful spirit of this resilient community alongside Fair Park when a group of visionary neighbors and volunteer leaders came together to establish Jubilee Park & Community Center as a catalyst to strengthen and revitalize the community.

For over two decades now, Jubilee Park & Community Center has served as a catalyst for community change and revitalization in Southeast Dallas. By providing after school programs, safety, health education, affordable housing opportunities, workforce development, access to pop-up clinics, health screenings and more, Jubilee has empowered South Dallas neighbors to dream and achieve.


Opportunity is a bridge built on the knowledge, the resources, and the power to make a change.

By offering social services and courses ranging from resume writing to family empowerment, Jubilee Park empowers residents to pursue opportunity and build better lives.


Gaining new skills and knowledge is woven into every program to inspire a culture of multi-generational achievement.

Whether you're an infant, child, adult, or a senior, we offer education and workforce training to inspire our residents to become lifelong learners.


Collaborating with community members, funders, and non-profit partners, Jubilee works to provide affordable and safe housing options, repair existing homes, and educate members of the Jubilee Park community on housing topics.

The purpose of this program is to improve community members’ quality of life, increase financial stability, build generational wealth and have equitable access to safe, affordable housing.


At Jubilee Park, we believe healthy people come from healthy communities.

From nutrition and fitness, to mental health counselling and telehealth, Jubilee Park offers programming that address a wide spectrum of social health determinants.


Feeling safe in your own neighborhood is foundational to community revitalization.

Jubilee Park centers community policing by engaging its residents in crime and safety campaigns like Residential Crime Watch and Volunteers in Patrol.

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